Wild Calabash Seed Oil 2 oz

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100% Natural. Cold-pressed. 100% Pure. ALL NEW. We are proud to be the first to introduce African Kala-bash Oil, an anti-aging power house. We call it “green gold”. Kala-bash Oil wipes out wrinkles in minutes. It softens skin and relieves patchiness. Go for the perfect complexionand ultimate glow with cold-pressed Kala-bash Oil.

Size: 2 oz.


The Story


   Also known as wild bottle gourd and umutanga in native Rwandan language, anti-aging Kala-bash Oil grows wild along the edges of farmers' fields and river banks. Originally crushed to use the juice for skin ailments, the seeds are now collected to create an emollient oil that softens wrinkles right before the eyes. This oil has one of the highest linoleic acid levels present within oils making this an anti-aging powerhouse. We call it green gold because this green oil is more effective at decreasing wrinkles and skin patchiness than any other oil we have ever come across. The oil is also amazing at getting rid of dry scalp and conditioning hair better than almost any other oil on the market.

     In the spring and summer of 1994 a tribal genocide swept through Rwanda killing roughly 20% of the population in just 100 days. While those 1,000,000 lives will never be replaced, Rwandans have been determined to change the tides of their future. When asked for their wild growing calabash fruits scrawling across fields and waterways in exchange for cash, the fruit seeds came pouring in. Your purchase of this oil brings smiles and goods to communities determined to recover from one of the world's most horrific tragedies. 
Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed calabash oil
Shea Terra Advantage
  • 100% natural
  • cold pressed
  • free of hexane
  • pressed at low temperature
  • all natural wrinkle treatment
  • natural hair conditioner

How To Use


Face: Using freshly cleansed fingers, apply few drops to freshly cleansed face. Apply 1-2 times daily. 

Hair: Massage few drops into scalp and brush through hair. Massage a drop or two into ends.