Shea & Vitamin E Butter Lavender (4 oz.)

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100% Pure & Natural. A soft and creamycombination of two organic shea butters combined with fragant lavender essential oil from the Fynbos region of South Africa's Cape for younger, softer skin than ever.

Beautiful, purple wands of fragrant lavender waft their aroma through the Fynbos of South Africa's Cape. With a soft aroma reminiscent of the geraniums and heathers of the Fynbos, this delicate lavender has a unique aroma of its own. Infused into a dreamy combination of two anti-aging, organic shea butters, this butter heals and repairs skin as it provides hours of protection and skin softening.

East meets West in this creamy combo. West African shea butter is known to be waxy and often difficult to spread. East African Shea Nilotica can sometimes be too soft. But combined the two work form a melodious butter perfect for spreading and combining the best healing, anti-aging properties of both.

The Shea Nilotica used in this product benefits the women of the Otuwe Shea Butter Project of Uganda. Many of these women were once held captive by the rebel army of the north, facing torture and possible slaying as they witnessed many of their family members and friends being killed. These women are able to live healthy independent lives by the sales of their shea butter. Thanks to your support they now can afford healthcare, food and education for their children.

Contains only:  USDA Certified Organic shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), CERES Certified Organic shea butter (vitellaria nilotica), Cape lavender essential oil (lavandin abrialis)

How to use: 

Use daily. Massage into skin from head to toe. Use a spoon in hot bath for a skin softening bath treat.

Shea Terra Advantage:

  • 100% natural
  • no artificial fragrance, should not cause allergic reaction in those allergic to fragrances
  • highly concentrated- one application lasts all day