Shea Butter Oil Menthe Vanilla

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100% NATURAL! Extinguish dry hair and skin with this one of a kind, ultra-QUENCHINGshea nut oil. When shea butter is too heavy, this light penetrating oil does the trick. A whopping 20 percent Ugandan, certified organic shea butter is added to100%pure shea nut oil for hours of dry skin protection. But wait! Our super oil doesn't just produce super soft, silky and sexy looking skin. It also encourageshair growth and decreases breakagewhile improving shine and luster. Scented with real COCONUT extract and LEMONGRASS essential oil with NO hidden synthetic fragrances. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 8 oz.

The Story

From the makers of the Original Shea Oil Spray. Looking for super silky, sexy looking skin? Want to add some life to limp, slow growing hair? How about a product that can do both at the same time? Shea Butter Quenching Hair + Body Oils are made exclusively with nourishing shea nut butter, fractionated shea butter oil and fruit/ plant extracts. These super quenching oils penetrate deep into the skin and scalp to nourish skin and hair while providing hours of protection against dryness. Daily use of our Shea Quenching Hair + Body Oils show marked improvement against scaling of skin. Our oil extinguishes ashy skin, reduces fine lines and decreases the appearance of stretch marks. 

A few squirts applied to the scalp encourages hair growth as Shea Butter Quenching Oil feeds cells nutrients washed away. Shea Butter Quenching Oil conditions hair before shampooing making hair so soft you'll be running your fingers through it all day. Get rid of frizz by massaging oil into dead ends.

Amazing Ingredients

Contains only: all natural shea butter oil, certified organic Ugandan shea buter, natural coconut extract, lemongrass essential oil

How to Use

Skin: Squirt oil onto skin. Massage in thoroughly. Repeat daily.

Hair: Squirt oil into scalp and hair. Massage in thoroughly. Leave in for 30 minutes. Shampoo out. May be left in course hair for extra hydration.

Shea Terra Advantage

  • experience the benefits of pure shea oil
  • 100% natural- no mineral oil or petro chemicals
  • 100% plant based formula
  • Absolutely no synthetic fragrance (we don't just claim it)