Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar 2-n-1 Body Scrub (8 oz.) Rooibos & Berries

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99.7% Natural.The MOST AMAZING body scrubs ever. If you can’t get rid of dry skin, it is because you need to get rid of it. It’s dead skin. Most scrubs will never get rid of dead skinbecause they disappear down the shower on contact. Our cream scrub exfoliates for ages because it’s formulated to adhere to skin until you are done scrubbing. Loaded with organic shea butter and organic Malawi sugar in pure organic aloe vera juice, our scrub helps leave skin looking young and fresh. 100% Naturally Scented. Scroll down to read more.


If you are applying lotion after lotion, cream after cream and still complaining about dry, itchy skin, you’re probably doing something wrong. Dry skin is dead skin. In order to get rid of dry skin you need to exfoliate it off. The problem is that most scrubs are simply salt or sugar in oil and wash right down the drain. Why pay for something you can mix up in your kitchen yourself anyhow?


Shea Terra Organics’ 2-n-1 scrubs are a par beyond the rest. We make them into a paste with a gummy like consistency so that the cream adheres to the skin while you exfoliate. Granules of whole sugar from a “fair trade” project in Malawi work away dead skin with the aid of fine volcanic stone. The glycolic acid found in the sugar helps to break down dead skin while you exfoliate.


Our 2-n-1 scrubs also act as a moisturizer for your skin. They are made with rare Nilotik’ shea butter harvested in Uganda. This creamy, raw and organic shea butter is brimming with vitamin E so it helps heal freshly buffed skin as it creates a softening cocoon. Whipped into a base of pure, organic aloe vera juice, our 2-n-1 shea butter scrub offers the skin hours of moisture long after the bath is done.


*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!


Contains only: certified organic aloe vera juice, certified organic, fair trade Malawi sugar, certified organic Nilotik' sheabutter, volcanic stone, natural emulsifying wax, natural fruit extract, naturally based preservative (gluconodelta-lactone, sodium benzoate), natural coloring


USAGE: Slowly remove tab from jar. Dampen skin. Use a dry spoon to dispense scrub. Do not get liquid in scrub. Apply scrub to skin. Slowly exfoliate in circular motions. Take time to exfoliate well. Rinse scrub off. Towel dry skin.


asting exfoliation
99.7% Natural
All Natural Scent
Loaded with rare Ugandan shea butter
Loaded with Malawi Fair Trade Organic Sugar