Shea & Argan Scrub (8 oz.) Menthe Vanilla

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99.7% Natural. Discover the incredibly soft, younger looking skin you never knew you had. Organic sugar and volcanic stone work together to exfoliating perfection as skin is nurtured with anti-aging argan and extra virgin olive oils. Made with an all natural, invigorating blend of mint essential oil and real vanilla.
Discover the Berber secret to younger looking skin. Our exfoliating cream begins with a generous blend of organic argan and extra virgin olive oils. These anti-aging oils are high in natural plant squalene. As our skin ages its ability to produce squalene decreases causing skin to lose moisture, plumpness and elasticity. Argan and olive oils help to replace diminishing squalene.
Organic sugar is whipped into our rich cream. It is not only the buffing of the granules that gets rid of unsightly dead skin. Sugar is high in glycolic acid which uses an enzymatic action to break down dead skin. As organic sugar dissolves into skin super fine granules of volcanic stone pick up the work to polish skin to perfection.  
The scent of this exfoliating cream reminds Tammie of the nights she would drink fresh mint tea in the open market in Marrakesh. She and her children would travel by bus in the evening to eat in the open market that came to life only at night. Glasses were lined with fresh mint leaves and sugar cubes waiting to be brought to life with hot water from ornate silver pots. The cooling, refreshing tea is the national drink of Morocco and helps cool the body in the heat of the Moroccan desert. A touch of vanilla brings out the sweetness in this invigorating exfoliating cream.
Contains only: pure spring water, certified organic shea butter, natural emulsifying wax, certified organic sugar, pumice, certified organic argan oil, certified organic olive oil, peppermint essential oil, pure vanilla, naturally based preservative (glucono delta-lactone, sodium benzoate)
How to use: 
Use daily on hands, feet and body. Not recommended for face. Apply to wet skin. Massage cream into skin in circular motions as you work away dead skin. Rinse off.
Shea Terra Advantage:
  • 99.7% natural
  • naturally fragranced
  • natural exfoliation
  • naturally removes dead skin
  • made with anti-aging ingredients