NEW Mongongo Hair Oil (2 oz.)

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100% Pure & Natural. If your hair is limp, not growing, breaks easily or unmanageable, it could be suffering from a case of LNOP, or Lack of Nutrition/ Over-processization Syndrome. Lack of minerals in food, fast food life styles, chemical and heat treatments all damage and deplete the hair of the vital nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. Shea Terra Organics' introduces nutrient rich Mongongo Nut Oil from the nutritious food of the Kalahari's iKung people. Nourish your hair back to life with this protein rich oil packed with vitamins and minerals from the Kalahair Desert.

The Story

From the sand dunes of the Kalahari, a miracle tree grows, heavily laden with nutritious nuts. In a desolate place where all would seem to be lost, the iKung people have successfully flourished for thousands of years often times on a diet of mongongo nuts alone. After steaming the nuts the incredibly hard shell becomes easier to break. Inside lies a creamy colored, delicious nut containing 57% oil. Rich in protein, high in vitamin E and trace minerals from the Kalahari, this amazing oil helps to nourish hair follicles as it protects the hair from splitting. Just a little oil rubbed into the scalp and ends a day will help replenish hair suffering from damage and dietary insufficiencies.

Our Mongongo Nut Oil is 100% pure. Destitute people living in the Kalahari region gather nuts to sell to the mill where our oil is pressed. This is often the only form of income for some of the world's poorest people.

Contains only: 100% Pure Mongongo Nut Oil

How to use

Daily: Massage a few drops of oil to scalp each day. Massage oil into the ends of hair to protect against damage. If preferred add small amount of oil to entire strand length of hair to protect and strengthen hair.

2-4 Times Monthly: Apply oil to entire scalp and length of hair. Wrap with a hot, moist towel for 30 minutes. Shampoo out.

Shea Terra Advantage

Naturally protects hair
Natural nutrition
Adds nutrition straight to the scalp
No synthetic fragrances
No chemicals
Safe for the whole family