NEW Banana & Monkey Bread Baby Soap bar 4oz

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100% Natural. Don't trust your baby's skin to just any soap. Use the soap created by Shea Terra Organics' CEO and mother to 13. Made with 33% organic shea butter, calming African oils and organic oatmeal, why would you use anything else on your baby's precious skin?

Hush little baby don't you cry. Your soap is natural and calming. From one mother to another, this bar was formulated with the best ingredients to gently cleanse your skin. And Mother knows you've had a frazzled day so she's sent away for some especially calming essential oils from the Fynbos of South Africa.

On the quest: Used on infants to protect fragile newborn skin in the African savannah, wild harvested shea butter pampers your baby's skin. Distilled from indigenous chamomile like flowers from the enchanting Fynbos and wands of Fynbos lavender, the essential oil blend in this soap calms while you wash all the dirt away.

Contains only: certified organic virgin coconut cream oil, spring water, 33% certified organic shea butter (after water is evaporated), certified organic extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (electrocuted salts which turn oil into soap), certified organic oatmeal, fruit extract.

How to use: Lather on wet skin. Rinse off. NEVER leave a baby unattended while bathing.
Shea Terra Advantage:
  • 100% natural
  • Natural mood enhancing oils
  • High concentration of skin softening shea butter
  • Made with real essential oils. No synthetic fragrance
  • No synthetic colors