Moroccan Menthe Shea Butter Foot Creme (4 oz.)

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99.7% Natural. Have your done your foot rituals today? Treat your feet to only the best foot cream on the marketRepair and soften feet as you massage them into a cooling bliss.
Once upon a time there were people on earth who did terrible things. The things were so terrible that we are only now allowed to speak of them. They literally indulged themselves in pleasurable foot rituals. How terrible is that! With all the suffering in the world these people actually took time out of their day to pamper their tired feet. What made it worse is that they actually had the audacity to perform them on others, too. Can you believe it? They would pamper, cleanse, exfoliate and massage the feet of their honored guests who probably walked for hundreds of miles just to visit them.
Take a step forward thousands of years into the 21st century and some horrible, self indulgent people are starting to reestablish foot rituals as a part of their daily lives. Despite being spoiled with sidewalks and shoes stitched in factories some people are actually feeling entitled to pamper their acheing feet. Who do they think they are?
Well, were no dummies. We know when to capitalize. So we had to develop the most foot indulgent massage cream ever. We know what these self-centered people want. They want to cool away the heat of their hot, tired feet. They want to sit and massage their acheing feet for hours as they sit in front of the tv. They want to have super soft, cuddly feet, yuck! But we've got them covered with our super creamy massage cream whipped to perfection with lots of cooling peppermint essential oil and a light touch of menthol. Well, at least we will get credit for solving the world's foot odor dilemma. 
Contains only: spring water, shea butter oil, USDA certified organic shea butter, vegetable emulsifying wax, peppermint essential oil, citric acid, naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), menthol, sodium benzoate.
How to use: 
Slowly massage cream into feet starting in the middle of the sole moving out to the toes. Massage the toes and in between the toes. Move the other way back to the heel. Massage with purpose. Work up the ankle to the calf and up to the knee. Use daily. For better results use Foot Rituals Volcanic Pedicure Scrub.
Shea Terra Advantage:
  • 99.7% natural
  • naturally deodorizes feet
  • provides natural foot cooling
  • softens and heals feet with organic shea butter