Moroccan Argan Nut Exfoliating Rose-Velvet Facial Masque (5 oz.)

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100% Natural. Gently exfoliate skin to rose-velvet perfection. Ground argan nut powder, gently cleansing and softening, combines with rose petals and rose hipsfor super smooth skin. All skin types.

The Story

Gently exfoliate away dead skin with emollient argan nuts. These gentle nuts are wild harvested from the ancient Argan Forest. Brimming with squalene-rich argan oil, argan nuts break down dead skin without stripping the fresh skin beneath. Anti-aging roses and rose hips produce a velvet finish.

Amazing Ingredients

Contains only: Moroccan argan nuts (argania spinosa), chickpea flour (cicer arietinum), Moroccan lava clay, (rosa damascena) powder, rose hips powder (rosa canina)

How to use

Usage: Mix one teaspoon of powder with enough warm water or Shea Terra Organics’ Rose Water to form semi-liquid mask. Apply mask to face and leave on 15 minutes. Wash away mask with tepid water in circular motions to gently exfoliate dead skin. Use 1-2 a week.

Shea Terra Advantage


  • all natural powder- contains no liquid so you don't pay for water
  • gentle exfoliation
  • no synthetic perfumes
  • completely plant based