Transform aging and problematic skin with Shea Terra Organics' moisturizer for acne prone skin. Many people skip moisturizer, especially if they have sensitive skin, but what they are probably not aware of is that they need to switch to using the best moisturizer for sensitive skin, which will help soothe skin and prevent future outbreaks and allergic reactions. The basic role of a moisturizer is to hold water in the outermost layer of your skin, acting as a temporary barrier. There are different types of moisturizers designed for different types of skin, from oily to normal.

The best moisturizer for sensitive skin will even treat redness and other allergic reactions that occur as a result of using the wrong products for your skin. Shea Terra Organics Tamanu E Regeneration Face Cream, Tamanu Oil are a perfect moisturizer for acne prone skin as it helps restore skin suppleness and resilience while locking in moisture, decreases acne outbreaks and encourage healthy cell regeneration.

Our moisturizer for sensitive skin and face are revered as "as a must have to combat acne prone skin".  Our array of moisturizers contain all natural vitamin E which decrease wrinkles, prevent moisture loss, decrease acne outbreaks and encourage healthy cell regeneration.