Maracuja Silky Mud Masque (5 oz.)

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100% Natural. Perfectly clear, soft skin awaits you in this 2-n-1 face masque formulated with pure maracuja oil and archaic, volcanic deposits. Maracuja Silky Mud purifies skin as it draws out impurities. Maracuja Silky Mud leaves skin feeling as soft and silky as rose petals. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 5 oz

On the quest for beauty we take an ancient trade route down the Atlas into the southern parts of Africa. This all-in-one spa treatment begins its journey in search of the soap like clay deposits found only in a secret location in the Atlas Mountains. Ancient mineral deposits of mainly stevensite and magnesium silicate formed this soft clay deposit in the barren Sahara during the Jurassic Period millions of years ago. Unlike any other clay in the world, this cleansing clay actually makes the skin soft rather than chalky and dry. This clay has miracle like properties in being able to heal skin conditions unsuccessfully treated by other means. Moroccan Mud or Moroccan Lava Clay, as Tammie has named it, has the amazing ability to draw out and get rid of acne and blemishes more effectively than synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Flying out of the hot, barren Sahara into a lush jungle in the heartland of Africa, reveals an entrancing paradise bearing vines heavy with passionfruit. A tropical dream, the aroma of sweet passionfruit wafts through the air. Rich in vitamin C the fruit produces a nutritious juice helping to ward off tropical diseases. Once the delicious pulp is removed small round seeds, rich in an anti-aging oil remains. Mostly consisting of linoleic acid, maracuja oil encourages cellular renewal as it increases elasticity and moisture level of skin. Parched, thirsty skin becomes full of life and youthfulness. Infused into the rare clay of Morocco the two soften, enrich, purify and clarify skin as they nourish with natural silica, anti-oxidants, vitamins and omegas.

Contains only: pure ghassool clay, wild harvested maracuja oil, acacia gum, kigelia Africana, licorice, qasil, natural fruit extract (aroma)

Take out about one tablespoon powdered mask with clean spoon. Add enough warm water to make paste into semi-liquid paste. Apply paste to skin. Allow to dry until cracking but not completely dry. Rinse off well with warm water.

100% Natural
Does not contain water so does not require preservative
You add your own water for big savings while allowing this mask to remain preservative free
Naturally gets rid of blemishes
Does not contain petroleum products
Free of synthetic fragrance