Kalahari Salt De-Tox Spray (AFRICAN BLUE CALMING)

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100% Super Natural. Can’t find time to de-tox? Don’t have a tub? Perhaps you simply want to de-tox on the go, you know- take your detox with you? Simply spray this all natural de-tox using genuine Kalahari Desert salts onto skin, allow to dry and brush off. Our Kalahari Salt De-tox helps alleviate impurities, excess water and more. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 8 oz.

The Story

No more excuses for not getting a good de-tox. No bath tub. We covered that. No time to sit in a tub. We covered that. Don’t want to risk possible infection of sitting in a tub. We covered that. Kalahari Salt Spray De-tox is a completely natural way to draw out toxins and impurities from skin while softening and healing it.

Kalahari Desert salts are mined from ancient underground salt pans secluded from oceans sadly polluted today. Kalahari Desert salt is rich in magnesium, potassium and sulfur in addition to a multitude of trace minerals and elements. Forming from three converging underground streams, Kalahari Desert salt is iodine free. We ship the salt to Texas where a large concentration of it is mixed with freshly pressed aloe vera juice which is used to hydrate and heal skin during the de-tox process. We add our special blend of costly and rare calming African oils.

Amazing Ingredients

Contains only: certified organic aloe vera juice, Kalahari Desert salt, lemon verbena essential oil, blue tansy essential oil, Cape chamomile essential oil, S. African lavender essential oil

How to use

Spray on skin. Avoid face. Allow to set 15 minutes or so. Shower or dry brush off. Repeat once a week.

Shea Terra Advantage

Completely natural and we mean it!
No synthetic fragrances- and we mean it, too!
No synthetic colors.
No petroleum by products.
No tub required.
No parabens or synthetic preservatives.