Shea & Argan Scrub (8 oz.) Lavender

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99.7% Natural. Say good-bye todull skin as you buff away dead cells toreveal the younger, fresher looking you. Rare shea nilotica shea butter combines with Fair Trade Malawi cane sugar andskin softening Somalian qasil for a one of a kind treat. Made with real lavender essential oil grown in the Fynbos region of South Africa giving it a unique aroma reminiscent of regional heathers and ericas.
Keeping with long held traditions, indigenous women still turn to the African wild for all their skincare needs. Our Journey for beautiful skin begins in Malawi where growing Fair Trade sugar provides clean water and education for farmers’ children. Evaporated cane juice contains glycolic acid which breaks down dead skin. We whip this naturally grown sugar into an emollient cream made from skin loving, certified organic East African shea butter. This rare butter, also known as nilotica, is sourced from a cooperative of women who live in war torn Uganda. Many of them have escaped enslavement by the rebel army. Their shea butter project has allowed them to buy homes and begin their own micro-businesses. We next travel further north to Somaliland where local women collect leaves known locally as qasil. This traditional treatment adds skin softening and conditioning properties to our luxury scrub.
Cape lavender essential oil is a rare oil produced by lavender blooms grown in the Fynbos region. This region is known for its rare flora found growing no where else on earth. Oddly, different species of plants here, even when totally unrelated, often share a similar aroma unique only to this region.
Contains onlypure spring water (no recycled water), Fair Trade Malawi cane sugar, certified organic nilotica shea butter, volcanic stone, natural emulsifying wax, lavender essential oil, qasil, naturally based preservative (glucono delta-lactone, sodium benzoate), natural fruit/vegetable coloring.
How to use: 
Apply scrub to slightly wet skin. Buff away dead skin in circular motions. Rinse well. Moisturize skin with one of Shea Terra Organics Whipped Shea Butter Body Cre’mes. 
Shea Terra Advantage:
  • 99.7% natural
  • Made with Fair Trade African sugar cane
  • Made with generous amounts of organic shea butter (other brands contain only a small percentage)
  • Benefits shea butter cooperative in Uganda
  • Made with real spring water (not recycled water found in other brands which contain high levels of chemicals)
  • Made with real fruit extract- No synthetic fragrance
  • Naturally synthetic colors