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​They said Black Seed Oil was good for you, BUT this is what they didn’t tell you!


They said Black Seed Oil was good for you, BUT this is what they didn’t tell you!

There are natural remedies for many of our problems. But we tend to steer away from the organic solutions. Instead, we focus on expensive medications and even some unproven treatments that can actually harm us than be of any desired effect.

Black seed oil is one of the few natural wonders that have a multitude of health benefits. Of the various benefits owing to which you should use black seed oil, two quintessential reasons are hair growth and acne treatment. Now here is a caveat. With many natural products like the black seed oil, there happens to be claims and counterclaims. The effects we are discussing here have been proven. They aren’t speculations or unsubstantiated facts.

Let us delve into why and how black seed oil can facilitate hair growth, be an effective acne treatment and how the oil treats skin disease such as eczema and rashes.

1) Black seed oil is rich in antioxidants. Only two oils in the world are known to be extremely effective or potent in fighting microbes, including viruses. One is oregano oil and the other is black seed oil. Black seed oil is loaded with three natural components, which many may refer to as chemicals, which are very beneficial for the human body. The components are thymol, thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone. These components are responsible for the oil’s ability to fight viral, bacterial and even fungal infections. Skin conditions worsen due to microbial infections. By curing the infections, black seed oil treats skin disease such as eczema and rashes. The same components also have the ability to reduce inflammation of the skin and in cleansing of the pores. This is why black seed oil is effective as an acne treatment.

2) Black seed oil cannot cure cancer. If you find it mentioned anywhere then that is a stretched claim. What black seed oil can do is reduce the tumor cells. One could say that black seed oil can prevent or reduce the chances of cancer. However it is not a cure. What black seed oil can definitely do is improve the health of your liver and improve gastrointestinal health from controlling or preventing bloating to curing diarrhea and even constipation.

3) Two of the most documented benefits of black seed oil are hair growth and acne treatment. Black seed oil can heal the skin. This also applies to the scalp. Your scalp would be better cleansed, nourished and you wouldn’t have dandruff if you use black seed oil topically. With better gastrointestinal health and skin, you would naturally experience less hair fall. Your hair would also get the vitamins and essential proteins it requires to grow and be strong.

4) Eczema and Psoriasis: Black seed oil is also used for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. It helps sooth inflammation and improve the speed and which skin heals

5) Ancient Egyptians coveted the black seed as a cure for nearly everything. Warm oil was put on the eyes to get rid of styes. Oil was applied to keep the skin moist, increase elasticity and to treat eczema, burns and rashes. The oil was consumed as a daily tonic to boost the immune system, to increase oxygen exchange amoungst asthma sufferers, decrease coughing, increase joint mobility, stimulate the scalp to improve hair growth, increase lactation, and to improve skin tone.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: What to Look For

Black cumin seed oil is the most absorbable and concentrated form, and from my research, the most effective way to consume black seeds. It is just important to make sure that it is from a quality source and preferably:


Pure pressed without chemical extraction

Contains no additives or diluting oils

Protected from rancidity by high quality light and air protective glass

Click here to find out where to purchase

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