Argan & Olive Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion (DARK AMBER) 8oz

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99.7% Natural. 90% Certified Organic ingredients. Give your body an anti-aging boost and fight wrinkles and sagging with nourishing argan and olive oils. Discover the Berber secret to younger looking skin. Our 20% synergistic combination of organic oils provides anti-aging squaleneand life enhancing essential fatty acids in a base of pure aloe vera juice. Scented with genuine, juicy clementine essential oil. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 8 oz.


The Story

It’s no myth. The Berber women of the Sahara Desert really do have remarkably wrinkle free skin well into their later years. That’s really remarkable considering they are exposed to direct sunlight year long under the intense Saharan sun. Their secret is handed down generation after generation. Morning and night they nourish their skin with pure argan oil and Mediterranean virgin olive oil.

Our certified organic, virgin argan oil is collected from the women who produce the oil by age-old artisanal methods. They collect the dried fruit from the protected forests that dot the valley between the Atlas Mountains and the ocean off the west coast. They painstakingly decort each fruit, crack the hard shells with rocks two small slivers of nuts inside, and use stone hand mills to churn the nuts into a paste. The paste is then kneaded by hand for several hours before the first drops of precious oil are squeezed out. Each drop is teeming with anti-aging nutrients which dramatically improve hydration of skin, sagging, loss of elasticity and fine lines.

Far beyond the ancient argan forest, archaic olive trees flourish in the semi-Saharan climate. From the Rif Mountains to villages right outside of giant sand dunes, olive trees not only provide the locals with a healthy diet, the freshly pressed oil protects the skin from drying out in the arid, Saharan climate.

We’ve combined virgin olive and argan oils in a 20% synergy to nourish and protect skin all day long. Tut, tut with the recycled water (aka city water), we blend our organic oils into a base of freshly pressed aloe vera juice to provide skin with healing aloin and anti-aging amino acids.

Amazing Ingredients

Contains only: USDA certified organic aloe vera juice, certified organic argan oil, certified organic virgin olive oil, natural emulsifying wax, amber/ essential oil blend, naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), sodium benzoate 

How to Use

Apply generous amount of lotion to skin and thoroughly massage in. Repeat once/ twice daily.

Shea Terra Advantage

  • Rich in all natural oils
  • No mineral oil
  • Pure aloe vera (no recycled water)
  • Made with pure essential oil (no synthetic fragrance
  • Paraben free