Acne Treatment

Shea Terra Organics provides a wide range of products for acne treatment. Acne is a very common

Skin condition thought to affect 80% of 11 to 30 year olds. Acne can continue into lateadulthood, with some people not having their first flare-up until later in life.

Acne is a caused by an overproduction of sebum which becomes blocked sebaceous glands and creates pimples (blackhead, whiteheads and pustules), which become inflamed. It can also flare up due to hormones, stress and environmental factors.

For Acne treatment you should treat your skin gently, using a face wash for acne such as Rose Hips Black Soap Face wash or Tamanu Clarifying facial cleanser. Using a face wash for acne will prevent bacteria from spreading. Use a non-astringent clarifying toner such as Rose Water Toner to tighten the pores, followed by a light weight moisturiser.